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Fixed Wing – Helicopter – Microlight

PPL, CPL, ATPL – Do your flying licences in South Africa

Airborne assists students from all over the world to achieve their dreams, and become proud, safe and competent pilots.

It is run in co-operation with flying schools in Durban, Cape Town, Orange Free State, Pretoria, Johannesburg and other locations. We only associate with schools that are ICAO and S.A.CAA accredited and which we regard as totally reliable, offering top-class training, aircraft and instructors.

We can arrange every aspect to enable you to become a qualified private or commercial pilot. Your flight school, aviation medical & x-rays, accommodation, airport pickup, personal car rental (if required) will all be taken care of in advance.

Let Airborne make all the arrangements for you to get your pilot licence, ensure you have a wonderful time in the air and enjoy the South Africa experience. You will need somewhere to stay; the guesthouses selected for the duration of your PPL package are of the highest standard, in close proximity to the flight schools. Your hosts are always friendly and very accommodating to a trainee pilot’s individual schedule.

We will welcome you and are here to assist you!

Achieving your flying licence in South Africa is likely to cost you a lot less time and money than doing so in your own country. The current exchange rate is very much in the favour of the international student and the sunny weather conditions are ideal for ‘all year round’ flying.

What does getting a flying license cost?

This will depend on you, the time you have available, your own dedication and individual ability. You may of course wish to explore our beautiful country further, by adding excursion trips to games reserves, mountains, or enjoy the many other various beach and water activities available. You may want check out the ‘Big Five’ both on land and in the ocean, enjoy whale and dolphin viewing or experience the adrenaline rush of a deep sea fishing charter. Our tropical waters offer some of the widest, most colourful sea life in the world.

For estimated costs for Fixed Wing, Helicopter and Microlight licences – PPL, CPL, ATPL (including a currency converter) click here

Flight schools will vary in cost depending on what has been included or excluded. Where you decide to do your training will affect the cost. Check this carefully to avoid any unexpected additional, hidden ‘add-ons’. Airborne attempts to include all that will be necessary for you to obtain your licence. No hidden costs!!

To get up to date, all inclusive prices please click here for contact form