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Recommended Pilot training aids, manuals/books to study, prior to the start of your flying

These will greatly assist you, giving you prior knowledge for your practical flying hours and the theory required for your examinations – leaving you more time to concentrate and focus on the joy of flying in South Africa.

If studied intensively, prior to your arrival here in SA, and commencement of your course - It SHOULD shorten the period of time you may require to complete your fight training

Study on line

On Line study - http://www.flyeaa.com/
Provides various theoretical training packages. As well as giving you access to mock exams, past papers, and on-line Instructors who are available to answer your questions

Highly recommended and suggested books that are for theory and examinations.
There is a book version and CD version - either is fine, depending on which you would feel is the better method of study, for you personally - OATMedia which is a division of Oxford Aviation Training http://www.oatmedia.com/proddetail.asp?prod=SP01

Pilot training manuals to read

Below is a list of other beneficial and recommended reading for your pilot licence.

Helicopter Training

Principles of Helicopter Flight/ 1749T
by W.J. Wagtendonk

Helicopter Pilot's Manual Vol 1: Principles of Flight, Basic Handling and Advanced Techniques
by Norman Bailey

The Helicopter Pilot's Manual Vol 2: Powerplants, Instruments and Hydraulics
by Norman Bailey

Helicopter Pilot's Handbook of Mountain Flying and Advanced Techniques
by Norman Bailey

The Art and Science of Flying Helicopters
by Shawn Corwyn Coyle

Fixed-wing training

Air Pilot's Manual Vol 1
by Trevor Thom

The Air Pilot's Manual Vol 2: Aviation Law and Meteorology
by Trevor Thom

The Air Pilot's Manual Vol 3: Air Navigation
by Trevor Thom

Air Pilot's Manual Vol 4: The Aeroplane: Technical
by Trevor Thom

The Air Pilot's Manual 5: Radio Navigation Instrument Flying
by Trevor Thom

Air Pilot's Manual 6
by Trevor Thom

The Air Pilot's Manual Vol 7: Radiotelephony
by Trevor Thom

The Private Pilot's Licence Course Book 1: Flying Training
by Jeremy M. Pratt

Questions and Answers for the Private Pilot's Licence
by Brett Holden, Graham Buddin, Peter Godwin (Editor), Dorothy Hockings (Editor)


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